I'm Adrian Travis, a photographer...

I've been one for the last 25 years (officially), but really I've been taking pictures for most of my life. After I finished school I studied photography for three wonderful years, getting my degree thankfully went some way towards justifying the fortune I'd spent as a kid on film processing and printing.

Then it was time to really learn my trade and I 'served my time' as a mini-lab dogsbody, a photographer's assistant (dogsbody), darkroom technician in London's top lab (zombie), a runner (dogsbody), a digital photo re-toucher (zombie dogsbody), and one of four photographers in a crazy busy portrait studio (manic zombie) among other things. I've also won a few awards, had a few articles published and had the terrifying experience of being on local radio.

18 years ago I went freelance, and now every day is a holiday! Well, except for the ones when I'm photographing a conference, or a wedding, or new team members or any one of the wonderfully diverse photo jobs I get to do for a living. I've photographed guide dog puppies, dentists, scientists, builders, radiator parts, pubs, mansions, artwork, chutneys, guttering, lottery winners, nurses, authors, bands and even the real Darth Vader! 

I'm professional, approachable and relaxed - I'll do my utmost to capture and create fantastic images for you that are true to (and exceed) your expectations.

I'm based in Marlborough, Wiltshire (second widest high street in England, damn you Stockton-on-Tees) and my work takes me all over the UK and sometimes abroad - preferably to somewhere hot, with great beaches...


Shortlisted: Professional photographer of the year 2011 (professional photographer magazine)

Winner: Professional photographer of the year 2012 (professional photographer magazine)

Shortlisted: Professional photographer of the year 2014 (professional photographer magazine)

Second Place: Guardian readers travel photography award 2018 

Photographers Marlborough Wiltshire 

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